Key Features
Copy Prevention
  • The files protected by FYEO can only be accessed and utilized in the very UFD.
  • The plaintext of files cannot acquired by any means at the out side of the UFD.
  • Data Encryption
  • All information loaded to FYEO are encrypted automatically.
  • The access right is controlled by password mechanism.
  • The plaintext can never be acquired even by analyze the flash memory directly.
  • Print/Delete/Format Prevention
  • The files in the UFD is unable to print, can't save as, can't be deleted, can't be formatted.
  • Files can be published repeatedly.
  • Limit the time and frequency of use
  • You can set permissions recipient, including time and frequency.
  • A variety of fine access control methods to ensure safety after publication.
  • Advanced Custom Hide
  • User can assign specific file/directory the hidden status.
  • Easy to Use
  • Plug and play.
  • Standalone. No need to install extra software.